Click for moreJun 20, 2011 - Hamilton Air Show 2011 - WWI Era

World War I era aircraft are amazing to see. With wings made of canvas these light aircraft are rare to see, so having a number of them altogether performing a mock dogfight is an uncommon and impressive experience.

At the 2011 Hamilton Airshow, the models visiting from the Brampton Great War Flying Museum were a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, a Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a, and the stunning and iconic Red Baron Fokker DR.I (x2).

The performance put on with these aircraft included takeoff, a mock dogfight including the Red Baron taking a hit and smoking, and their eventual "recovery" as they landed on the ground.

These warbirds are absolutely gorgeous when you look at them on the tarmac, but seeing them pulling combat manoeuvres is as good as it gets!

The only thing left for me to do is get up in the air in one of these beauties, I'll keep you posted on that :)

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