Click for moreJun 20, 2011 - Hamilton Air Show 2011 - Bombers

The bombers and other large craft featured at the Hamilton Air Show were quite something to see on the ground. It's one thing to see a bomber or large aircraft flying overhead, but when you're able to stand just feet away from these beauties, see the markings on the side, and take in their huge size, it's an experience.

There are fewer and fewer of these beauties still in existence, so having such a broad group of them arranged for viewing on a tarmac is a thrilling experience indeed.

The aircraft featured at the 2011 show included "Chuckie" the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, Memphis Belle, a B-17F Flying Fortress, a Beech D18S Expeditor, a North American B-25J Mitchell, an iconic Douglas DC-3 Dakota, and perhaps most thrilling (to me at least), is to see the stunning Avro Lancaster Mk. X, which looked even more awesome as it rotated and flew overhead.

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