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Click for moreFeb 12, 2011 - Old Man Winter Be Gone

When the sun broke through the clouds this morning, I got optimistic that perhaps birds may decide to show themselves, so out I went.

As it turned out, a few hours walking in Lambton Woods left me wondering why I didn't just stay home. Yes, there were birds, but nothing remotely close to uncommon or exciting.

In fact, by the end of a hike in swirling mini-tornados of squalling snow and a cold breeze that managed to find its way around my scarf and into my jacket, I was actually kind of put off.

After reviewing the shots, (all 4 keepers), I'm not going to lie, I'm ready for spring. This winter has been frigid, my feet are cold, and I'm tired of the season. I am SO looking forward to spring, any time now would be great.

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Click for moreFeb 21, 2010 - Nanticoke Part 1 - Great day trip for Wildlife and Predators

The goal: Birds of Prey & Wildlife. The result: WOW what a day!

A February trip to the area of Nanticoke and Haldimand Ontario was nothing short of awesome!

Here's a brief video shot in Nanticoke. Be sure to scroll down and read the additional blog entries from this trip, the photos are much better than the video.

The morning started out overcast, and originally the plan was to go to Hamilton in search of Bald Eagles. En route, the destination was changed on the fly, the GPS was turned on, and a favourite location "Nanticoke" was punched in.

A little over an hour later, we were in the region, and already in awe over the number of predator birds visible in the area. The sun came out, setting the stage for what was to become a very memorable day of birding in Southern Ontario.

In the Haldimand/Nanticoke area, your best bet for birding is to head towards the lake, and Nanticoke power generation station, but all the while, keep your eyes sharp, there's an incredible mix of hawks and other predators to see!

This trip I brought my camera and zoom lens (of course), but I also managed to record some video along the way. The video camera isn't up to the calibre that my zoom lens and still-photos are, but there's something to be said for watching moving footage, I hope you enjoy!

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Click for moreDec 20, 2009 - Great day to be in the field - Haldimand County

Today a trip was made to the shores of Lake Erie, specifically Haldimand County.

The goal was to see if any Bald Eagles were around and the day did not disappoint!

The weather was overcast for most of the day, making long lens photography fairly challenging, but overall it was time well spent.

Along the way, species observed included Coopers Hawks, Broad-winged Hawks, a Northern Harrier, American Kestrel, Bald Eagles, and a Beaver.

Many Red-tail Hawks were seen and the final surprise for the day was passing a Red-tail precisely as he caught a field mouse. He was determined to eat his prey, affording me a chance to capture the action.

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