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Click for moreFeb 8, 2011 - Orchids - A year in the making

I don't brag about it a lot, but I sort of run a rehab clinic and homeless shelter for houseplants. After finishing blooming, many folks throw plants out in favour of something new, which is where I, the plant whisperer, come in.

In the case of this orchid, it was all bloomed out, trimmed, and my dog stepped on it and broke a leaf. Thankfully, the sorry story has a happy ending. This week, it finally rewarded me with 3 wonderful blooms, which of course I had to take pictures of, partially because Orchids are amazing looking plants, and partially because I'm so impressed I coaxed it to bloom.

If you're wondering how the plant was salvaged, it was achieved with a little help from Orchid fertilizer, avoiding heavy watering, and the occasional fertilizing with a mix of Starbucks Café Verona coffee grounds, puréed brown egg shells, rotten strawberries, and romaine lettuce leaves. I like to blend organics up and water my plants with it. The plants don't mind at all.

Photos were taken with 85mm and available light, and two shots with a 200mm lens mounted on extension tubes. The opening shot is an HDR triple exposure.

More Images:

Dec 1, 2010 - Fish on the iPad

This blog post has been prepared on an iPad, which on one hand is enjoyable for things like photo processing, but also has many difficulties with tasks I'd easily carry out on a PC.

These photos were taken with my Canon D-SLR and fast lenses. The photos were next loaded to the iPad via camera connector kit and processed using two apps. Once ready, the following images were painfully ftp'd to the web server, then img refs added here. Why the long process? Because the iPad doesn't support a simple file upload control on web pages.

Anyways, these fish are from 3 generations, they're African Cichlids, and as you can see, they're very unique and vibrant looking freshwater fish. I don't breed them on purpose, but it is cool to have multiple generations coexisting together.

In these images you can see the two aquariums, a 72 gallon bow front and a 65 gallon corner tank. I'm trying to grow plants, but these vegan fish tend to see them as salads, so trial and error is required to find plants that won't get eaten.

Click for moreSep 5, 2009 - Of Bugs and Birds

Recently I've been using the extension tubes a lot more to enlarge very small things. Tubes allow for some interesting compositions and lend themselves very well to tiny intricate plants.

Some of these shots were taken indoor with flash. Most were taken outdoors at a marsh.

Usually I look for birds at the marsh, but arriving early in the morning, I noticed the dew made things look very vibrant and exposed many spider webs that become invisible later in the day.

More Images:

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