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Click for moreOct 20, 2012 - Etobicoke Creek - this time with a 28

After the experience of taking only one 50mm prime lens, I decided to head out this time with a 28mm lens, which is almost a wide angle.

I visited the same area of the Etobicoke Creek ravine as I had last time, and using the 28mm I enjoyed hunting for something different that this lens could bring out.

After reviewing the photos, I realized clearly that the 28mm prime lens (Canon) has some definite quality to it I hadn't noticed before, it's very sharp, not too significant with vignetting (dark around the corners of the shot), and the contrast it provides is impressive.

As it turns out, this outing may have been my most productive fall foliage outing, not sure if that's because of the lens, the time of day (it was 3-5PM), or perhaps it was the state the changing leaves were in.

In the end, I enjoyed an awesome and breathtaking walk in nature. Returning home with nice photos is a bonus.

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Click for moreOct 14, 2012 - Etobicoke Creek with a 50

Getting ready to go for a fall hike along the creek, I would normally get my backpack ready with a range of lenses, and head out. This time, I decided to use a minimalist approach, and left the bag behind.

Armed with only a camera and one 50mm prime lens (ie only one focal length), I was excited to see what would happen.

As it turned out, the lens was very enjoyable to use, I zoomed in and out on the scene by walking forwards and backwards, and as you can see from the shots, I wasn't lacking in what gear was needed to capture some nice shots.

In this age of apps, gizmos gadgets, and in my case many lenses to pick from, it was refreshing to go with a simplistic approach.

And yes, the fall foliage in my back yard is beautiful.

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Click for moreOct 6, 2012 - Fall Road Tour - Hockley Valley

For the second outing of the Thanksgiving long weekend weekend, Hockley Valley and Caledon were visited, including a very interesting location called the Cheltenham Badlands, where there must've been 50 people with cameras taking in the scene.

Overall, these areas were perhaps most enjoyable as a drive but were also rewarding for photography too.

Some of the photos taken were done using multiple exposures and the HDR technique. I'm still not sure about the HDR technique, and am actually finding that I prefer it for rendering artistic versions of photos more than accurate representations.

Regardless, it was nice to venture out into the Niagara Escarpment and see how the foliage was looking.

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