Click for moreFeb 11, 2013 - Weekend Adventures

This past weekend I took an outing each day and enjoyed the locations visited.

Saturday was -20 with windchill and we had a huge snowfall in the days prior. Bundled up, a visit to the Humber Abroretum was made.

We wore snowshoes, which greatly helped us to to cover a lot more ground, and in a faster way compared to normal walking. It was early and the trails had not been worn in following the big snow, so it was a perfect day to bring the snowshoes out.

At Humber a few usual suspects were noticed, and despite trying, the Great Horned Owl due weren't noticed anywhere, but this wasn't despite looking.

On Sunday, I hunted for snowy owls but didn't have any success, but did manage to take some shots of the landscape around Caledon.

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