Click for moreDec 24, 2011 - Long time no see Nanticoke!

As the winter starts to set in, I get the urge to see what predatory birds I can find around Ontario. The Nanticoke/Haldimand area is one place I always find amazing in the winter, so today I decided to see what might be lurking in the trees.

It's still perhaps a bit early in the winter season to catch the full spectrum of species, but today didn't disappoint. Many hawks were seen, I had the pleasure of watching a Kestrel hunting, and also watched a Northern Harrier catch prey.

I also perused the coal generating plants in the area trying to find a Peregrine Falcon named Marla that I know lives in the area, but it's a big place and a falcon is small, I didn't have any luck tracking her down but maybe another day I will.

For lunch I headed to Selkirk Provincial Park, which I'm sure is much more populated in the summer, but today afforded a quiet walk and a peaceful commune with nature.

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