Click for moreJul 11, 2011 - More from the marsh

Once again, I made a trek to my favourite spot, Tiny Marsh. It was a great summer day to roam around and as you can see from the images there was a lot to look at.

The marsh changes from one week to the next and during this visit the most frequently spotted species was definitely the black tern.

It was also very cool to see Pied-billed Grebes, at least a few families including young juveniles that were swimming around with the parents.

I also checked in on the Osprey nest and saw that there are two juveniles there this year, so that's two years in a row they've nested at a newly installed platform at the far end of the marsh.

Compared to even just a month ago, the wildflowers have definitely kicked into action, so I spent a little while shooting those using extension tubes.

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