Click for moreJun 6, 2011 - A Visit to the Brampton Great War Flying Museum

This past Sunday the weather was awesome so I decided to pay a visit to the Brampton airport and their Great War Flying Museum to see what winged wonders might be taking flight.

The Great War Flying Museum is a very cool place to go when you've got the itch to be around vintage aircraft. Along with the hangar full of WWI planes, you can take a self-guided tour through the museum, where they have displays of scale model aircraft, uniforms, medals and more.

The Brampton airport is where I usually depart from when doing simulated flights on my computer, so visiting it is a virtual homecoming of sorts... From Brampton I usually fly into Toronto's YYZ or Billy Bishop (island airport), or I sometimes head north to Collingwood airport on the shore of Georgian Bay.

Upon arrival at the airport, the packed parking lot told me something was happening. As it turned out, SOAR (Southern Ontario Amazing Race) was taking place and one leg of the adventure was at Brampton airport, where contestants took to the air to locate a landmark they'd afterwards need to find by car.

After watching Cessnas and Pipers taxi and take to the air, I made my way over to the museum and hangar, which was far more exciting.

The season is still early and so many of their vintage aircraft weren't yet in the hanger due to the grass being too wet to roll them in. I was assured that soon enough they'd have more planes, but in the meantime got to take a look at the Nieuport 28 that was being serviced, and the two Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a's.

The Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a's they have on site are beautiful aircraft. One is a 5/8's scale version, with the second being full size scale.

While there, one of the museum pilots took the 5/8th scale model up for the first flight of the season, so I got to watch from the taxiway as pre-flight checks, taxiing, and eventual takeoff took place.

All in all, even though all the WWI planes weren't there, it was well worth the time to go up and see what was happening at the Brampton airport. I'll definitely be back again soon!

If you like airplanes, mark June 18th and 19th in your calendar, the 2011 Hamilton Airshow is taking place that weekend. Click here for info and maybe I'll see you there!

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