Click for moreMay 24, 2011 - Two days - Two Sunsets

Sunsets are one of the most photographed subjects you can find, and yes, this fact can lead to boredom with looking at them, and even with shooting them. That said, when I'm up at the beach (Wasaga Beach, Ontario), I have a hard time skipping the sunset.

Sometimes I just watch, but more often than not I pull out the camera and see how I can shoot it differently.

These shots were taken while away for the Victoria Day holiday weekend. The first day there was a thick fog coming off the water, and the sun was shielded, giving off an interesting artistic view. I tried to add some interest by framing the scene with the contrasting dark branches.

On the second day fog was present, but rather than hiding the sun it helped give it an impressive glow. For the second day of shooting I used a 500mm lens and isolated the sun along with some distant shore detail which includes a grain mill and a very distant lighthouse.

As cliche as sunsets may be, the way I see it they're mother nature's nightly work of art, and if you're somewhere you can watch, it's almost always worth the time.

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