Click for moreJan 18, 2013 - Another new bird - Eastern Bluebird

Today I read in birding reports that someone had spotted Eastern Bluebirds at Marie Curtis Park at the shore of Lake Ontario. I figured I'd enjoy the brisk sunny afternoon and try my luck.

I walked around the entire park, wondering if I was foolish to try to find a tiny bird just because I'd never seen it before. I was nearly ready to give up and honestly started telling myself "have faith", and I reminded myself to at the very least enjoy the afternoon since I was out in a park on a Friday afternoon.

Then I spotted one. Then I saw another 2. I followed them around the park and managed to snap a few shots.

I'm not such an obsessive birder that I'm striving to fill my "life list", but I must say, I do get a certain thrill when I see a species I've never seen before. It's always exciting to catch something new.

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