Click for moreMar 21, 2011 - First Flowers of Spring

Sunday March 20th marked the last day of winter, and the start of spring. If you've got even the slightest green thumb, it's probably started itching by now. To get a taste of spring, I headed to the Centennial Park Greenhouse and Observatory, and as you can see, spring is in full bloom there already!

I've been meaning to visit this location for quite a while. I haven't been there for many years and as it turned out, it was a new piece of photography gear that got me to go.

The photos included in this post were taken with a point & shoot camera, namely a Fujifilm Finepix 3D W3, a camera that I've read reviews about since the early W1 version, and only now got my hands on. The camera is intended for shooting 3D photos, and is equipped with 2 lenses and a slew of features that go along with the 3D discipline.

I will be posting more in the way of 3D photos (red/cyan glasses required), however I liked these floral shots so much I decided to process them in regular 2D for your viewing pleasure.

If you have 3D glasses (red/cyan), take a look at my flickr 3D photo set, and be sure there's more of those to come!

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