Click for moreNov 7, 2011 - Fall foliage with my faithful furry friend

Today is my buddy Dexter's 11th birthday so I thought I'd share a recent adventure we had out in a nearby forest under the fall foliage.

Dexter has enjoyed this forest since he was a tiny puppy. He's chased squirrels, trapped raccoons in their den, and he's also made many friends in the area.

I can't recount all the hilarious times I've had with him, but during walks in this ravine, he's taken off on me many times. One time I watched helplessly as he opened the sliding screen door and entered someone's house, only to be dropped back out on the doorstep moments later.

Another time I was livid, after having to return home without him. Sure enough and thanks to having my phone # on his collar, I received a call where I was told "your dog is at our house, he came in while we were eating dinner".

Yet another bit of action Dexter instigated was when he chased a fox out of the forest into nearby streets. He eventually trapped it under a car and wouldn't leave until I came and retrieved him. To do this is the instinct of a Parson Russell, and Dexter fulfills his role as a working dog whenever he has a chance.

As any dog owner can understand, our companions enrich our lives in so many ways. They make us laugh, they make us scream, and they help us go places and experience things that we might miss if we didn't have them.

So, this post is dedicated to my scrappy little bugger Dexter, today, on his 11th birthday. Despite all the challenges and frustration he causes me, I most definitely appreciate all that he brings to my life. :)

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