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ASIC Photo is the work of Mathew Rossi. In addition to a career in software consulting and development, Mathew applies his passion for photography to a range of subjects.

Mathew's work began in the film era with Landscape and Nature photos including bird species and birds of prey. After progressing into digital photography, new techniques became more accessible including ultra-wide panoramics, HDR processing for high definition tones, not to mention what image editing software allows for.

Eventually, the drive to learn more techniques led to the creation of a studio, which allows for product and commercial shooting, either in-studio or on location. With the workflow of digital processing, projects can now be executed digitally and previewed online, allowing rapid turnaround on projects.

Increasing demand for photo services led ASIC to start offering these services on a more formal level, and so began ASIC Photo.

If you know Mathew you know that he strives to provide exceptional results and value to his clients, ASIC Photo's goals are no different. If you have a project you're considering, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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